By Bill Sardi -

Imagine Orville & Wilbur Wright asking themselves, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could build something that could fly? Imagine Wilbur replies to Orville: "we can't do it. One of us might die. Imagine how mom would feel."

Let's consider the Pilgrims who got into flimsy sailing ships to have a life of freedom they never could have imagined. The Pilgrims were willing to risk their own children in order to find freedom - 49 of 102 on the Mayflower died at sea or soon after landing.

They are laying off nurses because of your fear you might get the virus. Hospitals are being closed for the public's the fear of getting "coronavirused." Doctors are closing their offices for good too. Many may not reopen.

The very safety net which our society depends upon so we can exercise the freedom to drive cars and fly in airplanes in relative safety is vanishing. The very institutions and doctors that give us a sense of safety in our society are already gone, to produce a less-safe, not a more-safe country.

We may not have realized where this self-confinement was heading because, in the beginning, it was voluntary, then morphed into mandatory. We were compliant, to a fault. We were not alert enough to see our freedoms were being taken away because of some intentionally exaggerated statistics that are now revealed to be scare tactics.

American news media is obsessed overstating the morality numbers to gain audience. Government authorities are tossing a lot of alarming numbers at us. Eighty-percent of the reported deaths are caused by other co-morbid diseases. Most of these people were headed for their deathbed within days regardless of the virus.

Authorities say 53,000 have succumbed to COVID-19 coronavirus infections (4/25/2020), yet 42,400 of them died of an age-related disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes), not the coronavirus, and only 10,600 were actually verified by (flawed) lab testing, and even among these, there were a lot of false positives. The patients were sick, but succumbed to some other bacterium or virus. The coronavirus show has become a Las Vegas stage trick.

We are talking about no more than a handful of deaths among 100,000 people. According to these odds, there are 4115 cities under 100,000 in the U.S. and the odds are, nobody would succumb to COVID-19 in any of these individual cities and towns, that is how small the risk is. This is a smaller risk than the overstated death numbers issued by the CDC for a normal flu season.

When coronavirus deaths rose steeply, suddenly there was a sharp corresponding decline in pneumonia deaths. That wasn't a body count it was a paperwork adjustment. All that was being done was to shift some of the 50,000 pneumonia deaths that occur each year onto the column that read coronavirus-related deaths.

Emotions overrule decisions. This is not a thinking man's game. It is a life-and-death emotional decision. Our overseers know the three words that will strike fear in your soul: "Millions will die." That phrase is echoed on TV news.

If I attempt to reason with those who are now fearfully holed up in their homes, my arguments herein will fall flat. If I show the masses that health authorities are playing fast and loose with the numbers, that is more likely to cause people to feel they have been duped. You will never be free of fear until you turn off the television. It is the devil's tool.

Now we are afraid of visiting family. We are afraid of shopping. In some cases, we are afraid of even taking a walk. They are cancelling your child's graduation because you are fearful. You can't go to your mother's graveside to remember her. You won't hear songbirds sing, see hawks encircle their prey.

Either choose to fear or choose to live. The odds of dying in an airplane crash are 1 in 5,400,000 million. What if the plane never crashed? Then you really lived! We are so afraid of dying, we stop living. Is living in fear helping or hurting? Is your compliance hurting others? Are you hurting yourself? What are the chances of blood clots from inactivity?

In an interdependent world, your fear is causing people to lose their jobs, lose their homes, our cities and towns to go bankrupt. It is your inability to realize the full outcome of your unfailing agreeableness to lockdown that is causing the collapse of our society. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I will fear no evil... The church is saying, "don't be afraid." Pastors are teaching that now. The Lord is going to be with you. The church shepherds contradict themselves because they are actually promoting the fear of what we don't want the people to face.

"Fear not, but stay home." That is what preachers are saying. Isn't the admonition "not to fear" an admonition to go, that despite your fear, you are going to take the risk?

Jesus says fear not. Whenever God said "fear not" He followed it with risk. Fear not, go in to battle. Fear not, walk on the water.

What we hear today is "fear not, but be safe." Take precautions. Follow CDC guidelines. We stopped listening to the voice of God and started listening to the voice of experts. The experts say, be safe, fear the imagined virus. Heed the words of the virologist. The church is going along with it.

In order to conquer life, you have to face death. The only way to conquer the virus is to face it head on. The day may come when you go to church and the priest is inside a glass case and, with a gloved hand, places your communion wafer in a slot and it will be dispensed like a gum ball machine.

A handshake will never be the same now. Some churches now have a hand sanitizer dispenser just outside the church door. It is our souls that need cleansed. We are sending the wrong message. And if we face it head on together, like we have every other hidden virus, then biologically we will build the immunities to beat it. They call it herd immunity. You have to hand wrestle with the virus to beat it. Now that we have retreated into our homes, it appears to be a frightening thing just to cross a crosswalk.

One mathematical analyst compared a dozen countries and found no matter what measures countries imposed to try to thwart it, coronavirus infections and deaths decline to near zero in about 70 days. If you read anything else, suspect manipulation of the numbers.

Now we live on the verge of mass hysteria and the new norm is government mandated agoraphobia. A major sales point for the lockdown was, if we didn't hibernate in our homes, we would spread this infection to others and they could die. Not so. That dire outcome is determined by the recipient's immunity, not by your infectivity.

Millions of high-risk Americans, in particular diabetics, the obese, the very young and very old, don't develop adequate antibodies to ANY pathogenic germ whether these microbes are transferred via vaccination needle or environmentally from others. By the way, these are also the individuals who experience side effects from vaccination. Will they be perpetually locked down?

Virologists like to say some people are super spreaders, having spread coronavirus particles to dozens of others, but it could also be said they helped others make natural antibodies and develop life-long immunity, without the need for problematic vaccines.

Vaccines, even multivalent ones, only protect against a handful of infectious disease. The human immune system develops antibodies against each and every disease without the need for vaccination. Vaccination is a dead-end street. There are more than 200 vaccines under development. Are we going to jab our kids hundreds of times with booster shot after booster shot?

If you recall nothing else in this report it is that you may transmit viral particles to others but they won't necessarily exhibit symptoms of illness unless their immune system isn't up to par. It is immunity, not transmission, that is paramount.

Everybody is a spreader of viral particles at one time or another. You may shed viral particles to others, but their vulnerability to infection is largely determined by sunshine vitamin D blood levels and zinc-dependent T-cell activity. T-cells make antibodies. The longer you stay indoors the less life-giving sunshine vitamin D your body makes. Notice the high death rates in nursing homes where elderly adults are shuttered from the sun. What is needed is required vitamin D testing prior to hospital admission, not coronavirus testing.

There is talk of required antibody tests before being allowed back into normal life. But do we need an antibody test for the flu, or any other infectious disease, before we can go to back to work? That is a false proposition.

Government finally has total control? Once achieved, what government ever gave it back? Now government cannot fulfill one of its Constitutional obligations. There is less crime, but by virtue of the lockdown, in legal matters the right to timely due process in a court of law is placed on indefinite hold.

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. –Thomas Jefferson

When the opposition resorts to ridicule, you know public health authorities and the news media are grasping onto their last straw. It is the most underhanded way of dismissing a truth that another person doesn't really want to investigate.

First they ignore you, Then they ridicule you, Then they claim they invented it, And then they say they knew it all along.

All alternative remedies for COVID-19 coronavirus infections are ridiculed outright. Doctors say they are unproven. But they have not been disproven. And frankly, this time around, they are all we've got.

Throughout history has there been a pathogen that garlic didn't stand up to? The Black Death, the Bubonic plague, anthrax, subdued by garlic. Garlic vanquishes influenza, herpes and coxsackie viruses, even coronavirus. You've heard of antibiotic resistance, but not garlic resistance. Selenium in garlic thwarts viral mutations.

The trick with garlic is to use fresh-crushed bulbs to yield allicin, its major active ingredient, or use alkalinized garlic that withstands stomach acid to yield allicin. In the 1600-1700s plague doctors wore a protective outfit with a mask as a crude type of respirator that held garlic to filter the air. Now we find that wasn't an archaic idea – vaporized garlic kills lung pathogens! Yet the CDC would be insulted by even the mention of garlic, and you would, of course, be ridiculed.

We must solely rely upon the god of government to protect our health. Yet government had no plan in place, no ventilators, no medicines, no vaccine, not even masks. Government has left us to fend for ourselves, maybe intentionally. How can we turn to government to help spare us from the virus with this kind of track record?

Vitamins and minerals, considered by some to be the greatest discovery ever, go ignored. Before their discovery, vitamins were invisible food factors that mysteriously kept us healthy, just like viruses are invisible factors only scientists can tell us are there. Now we know vitamins are for real and without them, our immune system is compromised.

Is there a case of coronavirus infection that intravenous vitamin C hasn't quelled? Even the anti-vitamin National Institutes of Health has funded human clinical studies now. Vitamins are the elephant in the room. Meanwhile there is still great question whether there is even such a thing as a virus, and it's not coming from the Flat Earth Society. To question the existence of viruses subjects one to ridicule. Yet a report funded by the National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Diseases calls the very existence of viruses into question. There is bravado, to walk over hot coals, to disregard the hot flame, but these are dares. Just jump off a roof. That would be recklessness, not overcoming fear.

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. - Winston S. Churchill

The people who are telling us to stay home are cowards, and they want us to be cowards. Our politicians are telling us to live in fear. Andrew Cuomo: "I need you to stay home because the virus may kill ME."

Some university-based experts came up with a report showing the lockdown has saved $5.2 trillion so far. If I asked your grandmother if she would accept a million dollars for not going to see her granddaughter in the school Christmas play, what answer do you think you would get? There are some things that ARE priceless, at least according to MasterCard.

Barbers, who rely on cash payments to survive, are told paper money may carry the virus and are forced to accept credit cards and have, as a result, compliantly closed their shops and stayed at home. Just think how much disease they must have spread? Now your barber will be wearing a mask and wearing gloves, or get sued. Do you see where this kind of thinking is going?

Now, at the barber's house, there is no food in the refrigerator. What now? Public health authorities have given us the tacit choice of standing in foodbank lines or breaking lockdown and infecting others who may die. But then the foodbank line is a potential hazard, right?

Safety comes at a high price. What if your sole purpose in life was safety? Look at the price of safety. Joblessness, poverty, crushed dreams, the evaporation of all our accumulated achievements.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." (George Addair)

The fear of the virus is an irrational fear. In just one week, this became an indelible lifelong fear. A sneeze in a crowded theatre will now send shivers down your spine. We are now afraid of a sneeze. And the sneezer feels guilty. Gone is "God bless you" or "Gesundheit".

Social distancing:

Here is what happened when a group of people didn't social distance: On the USS Roosevelt, they tested the entire 4,600 crew. Only 710 tested positive, only 52 needed treatment, and only one died. 42 recovered and 9 are finishing recover-ing. So out of 4,600 tightly packed in birthing compart-ments, and eating and working tightly together 24/ 7, only 1.13% needed treatment of any kind, and only 1 out of 4,600 died.

The people who were selling oranges at the freeway offramp are now selling masks they sewed together at home. Private enterprise crossed up the new regulations because, by selling masks in the open and without a permit, they were helping others comply with the new rules. Who would dare stop them? They and the homeless are the only ones exempt from social distancing.

The homeless are the only ones who are exempt from CDC guidelines. Which says, either our overseers don't really care about the homeless or they really don't think the virus is a threat. And what does this say about how much they care about you? The longer you stay home the longer you imperil the lives of others. By collectively choosing to fear we have multiplied the harm.

"Get busy living or get busy dying." (Shawshank Redemption)

When will you break ranks? Most of us are waiting for someone else to make the first move. The population is gripped by paralysis. Only when everybody else is breaking out from the lockdown will we join the crowd. We are afraid to ask others if they are interested in breaking ranks. At what point would you venture to inquire of your friends and loved ones, when will you chose to buck authority and opt for liberty?

There is such a day. Why wait and have others endure the agony any longer? When you consider what we lost in just one week, when this is over (if it ever is over), will you honestly be able to say it was worth it? When you consider what was at stake, was it worth it?

Do the thing we fear, and death of fear is certain. - Ralph Waldo Emerson