By Holden Walter-Warner -

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has accused Fox News of trying to overthrow Donald Trump and claimed they were 'in on it' as he repeated the president's claims that the Democrats were trying to 'steal' the election.

Lindell spoke at the 'Stop the Steal' rally attended by thousands of Trump supporters in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

During his speech, Lindell claimed the battle over the election was 'a spiritual warfare in our country and in the world.'

He also repeated President Trump's claims of election fraud resulting in Joe Biden's fraudulent victory, saying 'it's of epic proportions that this election was stolen.'

Lindell may have reserved his harshest criticism for Fox News, however. Lindell said, 'They were going for everything. They were going to take everything we had. Why do you think Fox declared Arizona with only 14 percent of the vote in? They already knew what they did! They were in on it!'

Fox News controversially called the state of Arizona for Biden days before any other major outlet made the same call.

'They should all go to prison when they are found out,' Lindell concluded about Fox News.

Lindell also said: 'I want the word to get out that Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years.'

He also appeared at another Trump rally in Georgia last week, where he spoke about overturning the election results and sending people to prison over the Biden victory.

Lindell has been one of the most outspoken supporters of Trump in the business community. He has participated in numerous business events during the Trump administration and attended his inauguration in 2017. Lindell has referred to Trump as the greatest president in American history and 'chosen by God' to lead the country.


By Mike Adams -

In today's Situation Update for Dec. 21st, we discuss the "Pence-Raiklin Maneuver," which provides yet another mechanism for Trump to achieve a decisive victory by January 6th, even without any support from SCOTUS or from the U.S. Congress. Here are the highlights of today's podcast (full embed below):

  • Once Bill Barr is gone on Thursday, acting AG or acting Deputy AG can appoint Sidney Powell as special counsel.

  • Why Trump must use the National Emergency Broadcast System to communicate with the American people and bypass the media / Big Tech siege that continues.

  • The Dan Scavino tweets: Lincoln, Churchill, American Bald Eagle. What these symbols mean.

  • Why "martial law = fake news" ... because the Insurrection Act is not martial law.

  • Full discussion of Patrick Byrne and his assertion that Trump's advisors and legal team are backstabbing traitors who are trying to get Trump to concede.

  • Full discussion of the Pence-Raiklin Maneuver and how it leads to a Trump victory with 232 electoral votes (with Biden receiving 227).

  • Sidney Powell's multiple meetings at the White House and what this likely means.

  • Details of the new filing with SCOTUS by Trump's legal team over Pennsylvania's illegal election extensions. How this alone could be a path to victory across all the swing states.

  • Gen. Flynn's announcement that foreign intelligence officials monitored the election fraud and are willing to share all those details with Trump. We know who this is referring to. Full details in the podcast.

  • How Biden got 13 million impossible votes - "Phantom" voters, zombie voters and more.

  • How Michigan continues to engage in criminal cover-ups to hide the evidence of Dominion voting machine election fraud. These people are going to prison.

  • Sen. Cruz says it's time to arrest and prosecute all those involved in voter fraud.

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz confirms he will challenge the fraudulent electoral votes on Jan. 6th. Sen-elect Tuberville is also likely to join the coalition against the vote fraud.


By L Todd Wood -

President Trump should declare insurrection and impose Martial Law until we can investigate and hold traitors accountable, then have new election.

Doesn't it all make so much sense now? Hillary Clinton was so surprised! 'But we had Dominion!' she thought. 'I was going to be president!' Obama was brought in to begin the work of destroying America; Hillary Clinton was to finish the job.

But then came Trump, and the Chinese-funded 'resistance' began. And, oh what a 'resistance' it has been. The corporate media, DOJ, FBI, parts of DOD, Silicon Valley all have been involved all the way through the 'election'.

Much of our Federal government is compromised, as our investigative reporter George Eliason so artfully said, "Their hands are caught in Fang Fang's cookie jar".

There is a simple truth all patriotic Americans must face - we fight now or we will live as slaves to the Chinese Communist Party. Never in my life did I think I would ever write those words, but I just did.

It's not a cliche - every veteran alive today swore an oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies...they are in our midst, among us, destroying our republic. It is up to our generation now.

We cannot accept this 'election'. This is a blatant lie. They are coming for your guns next. They will systematically put us in camps, those wiling to fight for freedom that is. China has much experience doing this.

If we don't fight now, we will live as slaves. There will not be 'another day'. The fight is...NOW! The conspiracy theorists were right all along. Hold the line!

Go to a rally! Get in your state legislator's face - make them have a backbone. They are scared little traitorous children. Organize a group of patriots for communication purposes. Resist these diabolical lockdowns meant to enslave your family.

Buy a gun, or two, or three while you still can. Prepare for the worst. And fight like Hell!

It's here folks. We must face reality. Expect to be demonized. Expect to be persecuted. Expect to be targeted. But, fight anyway.

President Trump must invoke the Insurrection Act and declare the election illegal. We must investigate and hold the traitors accountable. Then we can hold a new election.

President Trump was born for this moment. He does not want to go down in history as the man who lost America to communists. There will be those who choose to cooperate with the Chicoms, in exchange for luxury and safety, just as the Tories of old did in 1774.

I choose to fight for freedom. There are millions like me. Patriots rise!