By JD Heyes -

As the Jan. 6 date for Congress' joint session to count electoral ballots approaches, patriots around the country are continuing to work at breakneck speed to expose the massive vote fraud that occurred in key battleground states during this election cycle.

In Arizona, for instance, Liz Harris, the head of Citizens Investigation and We The People AZ Alliance, was given an analysis of 3,900 questionable voters by mathematician Bobby Piton to check whether or not they had valid residences. The list represented five categories of voters including Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and so forth.

Piton, you may recall, testified in late November before a state Senate panel that his analyses discovered scores of phantom voters and other election anomalies that occurred last month as Arizona slipped out of the 'win' column for President Trump and Republicans in general, as the second Senate seat in as many elections turned from red to blue.

Harris then assembled several hundred volunteers who began knocking on doors in search of what Piton has labeled "phantom sleeper" voters and others Undefined ("U" voters) - people who are not legally allowed to cast ballots for a host of reasons.

Piton estimated, based on real-world analysis, that there are between 160,000 and 400,000 of these illegal voters just in Arizona alone - way more than enough to have flipped the state to Joe Biden.

Harris' team managed to visit 1,000 of the addresses given to them by Piton; often, they were harassed and/or threatened by some of the residents they visited.

That said, the teams discovered that of the 1,000 people, 539 'voters' did not live at the addresses stated on their ballots.

In particular, the investigations found these anomalies:

  • Dead voters who were verified and, of course, no longer at the addresses on ballots

  • Several that actually used the name "Unknown Voter"

  • Voters who were registered at commercial addresses, especially Church's Chicken outlets

  • Non-U.S. citizens who said they never voted

  • Out-of-state residents who don't live in the state

  • Felons who said they couldn't vote and others who have been behind bars for years

  • Voters who registered as 'living' at schools, sports arenas, and car lots

  • Dozens who used the Arizona Tabulation Center & Recorders Office as their home address

  • Vacant lots at retirement villages and undeveloped locations and properties

  • Wilderness areas that are on Bureau of Land Management & State Trust land

  • Homes that have been abandoned completely or are otherwise boarded up and uninhabitable

  • Names of streets that don't exist in Arizona records

  • Large numbers of voters who share the same phone number (in one instance, one number was registered to 19 voters)

  • Voters who only registered with initials like "D.E." for a first name and last name

  • Registrations that switch the first and middle names or use a combo of initials to form multiple registrations

  • Voters registered to the same phone number who were not living at the same address
But no...'there was no vote fraud this election!'

A post at the chat site summarizes:

    The AZ voter address verification project presented their findings last night. They worked in groups of two. Each pair that presented last night checked a list of between 100 and 200 names/addresses. Many addresses didn't exist, were businesses, schools, or churches. Five college campuses were checked, 60% or more did not even attend the college listed as the address. Many voters that could not be verified were listed at the same address. This means the 30% is not even accurate. More than 30% of addresses that were boots-on-the-ground verified by sworn affidavit were fraudulent! This is one project in one state. All swing states need to be verified!
There wasn't just a little vote fraud this year. There was a lot of it, and it was all very coordinated, meaning this fraud didn't just 'happen,' it was carefully planned out and executed.

People need to go to jail for this.


By Jack Hellner -

On Thursday, President Trump's legal team presented many pieces of information about the election that deserve to be investigated.

But the media have no interest in that. Instead, they essentially black out the news and ask Trump to concede so they can crown their chosen king. Worst of all, they continue to falsely claim there is no evidence of fraud.

The New York Times and others have written about the potential fraud on universal mail-in ballots in the past, as have other outlets, but now they call Trump a liar.

The media outlets know that rules were changed to make verification of mail-in ballots less verifiable, but they don't care.

They know that observation of the counting has been essentially blocked in some towns in violation of the law, and they don't care.

They know that election officials in some states are violating laws, but laws aren't important as long as the media's chosen one is ahead. Statistically, it is rare for the up-ballot candidate, the president, to significantly underperform the down-ballot candidates, but the media don't care.

Coattails without a coat? Tell us exactly how that could happen. They know, or should know, that Biden outperformed Hillary in only four cities: Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, not the nation as a whole. They also know about over-votes in cities - that is, more votes than registered voters - and once again, they don't care.

They know there have been questions about Dominion, the software provider in many states, because they certainly had those questions before.

They know that Democrat senators Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, and Amy Klobuchar had significant questions about Dominion in December 2019, but they don't care. Can anyone imagine how loud the senators and journalists would be about potential fraud by Dominion if Biden were behind? But what we have now is silence from the senators and the supposed journalists.

They know that several swing states mysteriously stopped counting votes on Election Night, but they don't care. As a CPA with 43 years of experience, the only reason I can think they stopped counting is to cook the books, commit fraud, and change the vote.

Yet journalists don't even ask the states why they stopped counting.

The same supposed journalists who say Trump is destroying democracy by challenging election results are the ones who:

  • Claimed that Trump was an illegitimate president for four years. These same journalists and other Democrats also called Bush an illegitimate president for four years after he beat Al Gore twenty years earlier. The playbook is always the same. Not once did I hear that Gore was threatening democracy by challenging election results for more than one month. Instead, the media cheered him on because Democrats are special.

  • Regurgitated the Russian collusion lie for years with zero evidence.

  • Never cared about all the lies and crimes of people in the Obama/Biden administration as they set out to destroy Trump and protect career criminal Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

  • Called Trump a liar for saying the Obama administration spied on his team when it is clearly true.

  • Use congenital liars and criminals like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Jim Clapper, and John Brennan to attack Trump with known lies.

  • Cheered Obama/Biden on as they lied continuously about Obamacare and the Iran deal.

  • Willingly spread the lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville and spread the lie that Trump had not denounced radical white supremacists.

  • Along with other Democrats, called Trump and his supporters racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, and every other name in the book as they bragged that Trump was divisive and continually say they are for unity. The media and other Democrats always play the race and sex card because their policies are so unpopular.

  • Looked the other way concerning all the kickbacks to the Clinton and Biden families from foreign sources and never cared about the women the Clintons and Biden were accused of abusing. The women were expendable.

  • Sought to destroy white Christian boys from Kentucky and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, without evidence, solely because of their connection to Trump. The party that preaches unity will destroy anyone who gets in its way as it pursues its quest for power.

  • Continually lie that Trump never cared about the coronavirus and never did anything about it and didn't care about the people dying, and falsely blamed him for all deaths related to COVID. The truth is, from the CDC in August, that less than 7% of the people who died with COVID died solely because of COVID. Over 93% died because of cancer, heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, diabetes, obesity, and other co-morbidity factors. Therefore, blaming all of the deaths on COVID is a political, agenda-driven decision, not a scientific one. I assume that it is to scare the public into submission. Why don't the media ask the CDC why it never counted deaths the same on the seasonal flu or swine flu?

  • Continually claim that the science is settled that humans and oil cause temperatures to rise and climate change when there is no scientific data to support that. The scientific data shows that in the last 150 years crude oil use went from zero to around one hundred million barrels per day, yet temperatures have risen and fallen and are within one to two degrees. It should be noted that a little ice age ended in 1850 and a little warming would be normal. Facts haven't mattered for a long time, only power for government with Democrats in control.
Lately, the public have been treated to an Obama bragging tour where he and the fawning media have been rewriting history as fast as they can. They lie that Obama/Biden handed off a thriving economy. The truth is they had the slowest economic recovery in seventy years. They lie that there were no scandals during the Obama/Biden years. The truth is that there were massive continuous scandals that the media chose to bury. Obama lies that the only reason that Hillary lost is because we are racists. The truth is his policies were unpopular and wages were stagnant, especially for those at the bottom.

The biggest threat to our democracy, freedom and prosperity is a sycophant media that campaigns for one party and seeks to destroy the other. We are not a systemically racist country and it is absolutely not a threat to our democracy for anyone to challenge the results in a clearly fraudulent election.