By Mike Adams -

Barring some miracle, it looks like tomorrow, the US Congress and VP Mike Pence will betray America and shut down any objections to the Biden slate of electors from swing states where massive election fraud took place.

In breaking news today, it emerged that VP Mike Pence may not be present tomorrow, and would be replaced by Sen. Charles Grassley, who would oversee the opening and counting of the electoral votes. There are still many wildcards and moving pieces to what will unfold in the next 24 hours.

We believe that the US Congress is incapable of following the Constitution. Over 90 percent of the members of Congress are treasonous criminals who are actively seeking to install CCP puppet Joe Biden in the White House, even if it means destroying the republic in the process. By the end of the day tomorrow, we will likely see Joe Biden confirmed as the president-elect.

This will leave America with just four remaining options:

  • Trump's legal team drops some sort of epic declassified documents that change the entire game, perhaps showing that Biden is actively working for the CCP, or rolling out Jeffrey Epstein's files that likely implicate a large number of members of Congress.

  • Trump invokes the Insurrection Act or some similar form of military authority, likely declaring the election to be an act of international warfare and citing new evidence from DNI Ratcliffe's report.

  • We the People rise up and stage an armed defense of the republic by carrying out mass arrests of treasonous criminals across the nation, including treasonous governors, secretaries of state, lawmakers and corrupt court judges.

  • Divine intervention. God intervenes in some way that resembles Chapter 14 of Exodus out of the Bible.
All the other options will disappear in the next day or so as Congress betrays America and votes to accept the fraudulent slate of electors for Biden. The SCOTUS option is a non-actionable, given that SCOTUS is run by an alleged globalist puppet pedophile named Roberts, according to recent bombshell tweets from Lin Wood. Here's what's covered in today's Situation Update podcast:

  • Trump is under siege and probably needs to be saved by the people, not the other way around.

  • White House rumored to be flying the 1776 flag, which may be a call to arms.

  • Estimated 80 million firearms were sold in the USA in 2020 alone. Guns and ammo everywhere...

  • Pelosi, Pence, McCarthy and McConnell conspire for "backroom deal" to betray the nation and stab Trump in the back.

  • Corsi reveals why fraudulent votes can't be "certified" by states that themselves are in on the criminal fraud. The states are part of the conspiracy and thus their votes must be tossed.

  • Jenna Ellis suggests strategy for Pence to demand electoral votes be re-considered by state legislators.

  • Northern Georgia US Attorney suddenly resigns. He covered Fulton County.

  • Ivan Raiklin suggests McCarthy conduct a parallel House vote by state delegation, then send a competing vote back up to Pence (all this takes place after objections are raised to Arizona). Pence could then decide which vote from the House to accept.

  • Why VP Pence (or now Grassley, possibly) could cite Ratcliffe's foreign interference as a reason to reject fraudulent electors.

  • Matt Gaetz reveals the old GOP is dead, and the new GOP is the party of Trump. (Somebody please tell the old GOP geezers about this, because none of them have heard yet...)

  • Charles Hugh Smith on the lifecycle of bureaucratic corruption and why America's government has devolved into a cabal of treasonous criminals whose primary function is to loot the nation from within.

  • Sen. Loeffler now suddenly says she will object to the fraudulent electoral votes from Georgia, but it took her forever to get to this point. She is nothing more than a placeholder and has no spirit for liberty or freedom.

  • Gohmert reveals the courts are so corrupt that the American people have no choice but to take to the streets.

  • D.C. Mayor dispatching the National Guard to try to block Trump supporters. This is the same mayor who did nothing when Antifa and BLM were committing acts of violence.

  • Trump labels the GOP the "surrender caucus." And he's right.

  • VP Pence sends out a tweet that's a confirmation he will do nothing. Spineless coward.

  • Former Secretaries of Defense warn Trump not to invoke military authority... because they know he's going to. And he has the right to do so.

  • Sen. Tom Cotton commits political suicide by refusing to object to fraudulent electoral votes, claiming Congress doesn't have the power to discern such things... a claim that's absurd and stupid, given that the Constitution specifically gives Congress this power to vote on the electoral results. (Another spineless coward.)

  • Criminal traitor Raffensperger lied about ballots in Georgia. (No surprise.)

  • Corrupt politicians in Georgia decide to delay and move the hearing into possible ballot fraud, because no one has any desire to see any actual evidence of vote fraud. (See no evil...)

  • New analysis funded by The Epoch Times turns up 432,000 votes removed from Trump in Pennsylvania alone... systematic deductions throughout the night, all done electronically, all illegal. Massive criminal fraud, but the courts say no one in America has standing.

  • Mysterious cyber investigations group concludes that Americans are preparing for war and must go to war to defend and restore their republic.

  • Patrick Byrne reveals the discovery of a massive ballot fraud enterprise involving a printing company and a multi-state conspiracy to fill out large numbers of ballots for Biden, then transport them to the states where they are needed to "win."

  • Boxes full of fake ballots found to contain a receipt from China, indicating they are also being printed in China.

  • Lin Wood unleashes mega bombshells, revealing the world is run by a cabal of globalists who ensnare political leaders in pedophilia and child murder traps, all documented on video and used to blackmail them for life. The same scheme is also used in Big Tech, Hollywood and the music industry.


By JD Heyes -

Tens of millions of President Donald Trump's voters have been relegated to standing by and helplessly watching themselves become pawns in a deep state power play that has disenfranchised each of them after, one by one, the governing institutions established by our founders to protect their rights and our electoral system fail.

The president spent no small amount of political capital ensuring that the men and women he nominated to the federal bench were sound constitutionalists, each recommended by the Federalist Society, which has a solid reputation for picking such people.

But each one has failed to live up to their oaths to remain faithful not to convenience, peer pressure or cowardice, but to our founding document - and that includes the three justices Trump named to the highest court in the land.

In recent days, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) filed suit against Vice President Mike Pence in an attempt to have an 1887 law, the Electoral Count Act, declared an unconstitutional violation of the 12th Amendment, which proscribes how the president of the Senate - that would be the sitting VP - is supposed to count electoral ballots.

Gohmert's lawsuit alleges that the act in question, which also deals with the manner in which electoral votes are to be counted, is vague, restrictive, and in direct violation of the Constitution. He believes that the 12th Amendment supersedes any law - and he's correct. He also believes that since the 12th Amendment doesn't describe the manner in which electoral votes are to be counted, vice presidents have the ability to count alternate sets of electors instead of those certified by a state when the certified electors are in question due to the manner in which the vote occurred in that state.

This year, several state legislatures have decided to send competing sets of electors - one set 'certified' for Joe Biden and another set for President Trump - because they believe changes made by state voting officials, governors, and state courts ahead of the Nov. 3 election are unconstitutional because under Article II, only state legislatures have the power to change election laws and rules.

But Gohmert's lawsuit was simply thrown out after he was told by a federal judge (a Trump appointee, by the way) that he didn't have "standing" to file it - which is confusing to him, a former state judge himself, because if that door is shut to the 74 million people who voted for the president, then there is no other legal avenue to pursue a remedy under the Constitution.

And if that's the case, then the only thing left to We the People to seek redress is to take to the streets and get violent, Gohmert says. "With regard to the standing issue, if a Member of Congress who is going to object to electors that were fraudulently sent there, and the state has sent two sets, and I don't have standing to go to court." Gohmert said to Newsmax TV earlier this week. "If I don't have standing to do that, nobody does. And if the appropriate defendant is not the Vice President, that under the Constitution has the power to make that determination, then there is none."

"This is an example of when institutions that our Constitution created to resolve disputes so that you didn't have to have riots and violence in the street, it's when they go wrong," he continued.

"The bottom line is, the court is saying we're not going to touch this. You have no remedy. Basically, in fact, the ruling would be that you've got to go to the street and be as violent as Antifa and BLM," he added.

Gohmert also noted that if the courts will provide no remedies to this important constitutional question, then it will be the equivalent of nullifying the portion of Article II that grants only state legislatures the authority to change voting rules and procedures.

"Our attorneys are preparing the appeal to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, there are some incredible judges on that court," said Gohmert.

"So we are very hopeful that they will say, 'You know what, if our courts are not gonna be used in this dispute, and the litigant doesn't have standing, and the defendant isn't the appropriate, and the jurisdiction is not there, then we have no business having courts. We're worthless,'" he added.

We fear that, thanks to abject cowardice on the part of federal judges and Supreme Court justices, the election theft we all witnessed this cycle will now become permanent.