By R. Cort Kirkwood -

On January 20, the Deep State, radical Left, Never Trump Republicans, and their leftist media information ministry inaugurated their president, but they weren't going to let his predecessor go peacefully.

Defeating Donald Trump wasn't enough. And even with Joe Biden (illegitimately) in the White House, the Trump Derangement did not abate. The Democrats ignored the Constitution and held an impeachment trial in the Senate after impeaching him a second time, and not because he incited an "insurrection" at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Trump still threatened the leftist, ruling-class political establishment, as he had since he declared his presidential candidacy in 2015, when he exposed and stigmatized it.

That was an unforgivable sin. He had to be destroyed. And so, of course, must those who supported him.

That effort began, of course, before he won the GOP nomination. Leftists openly discussed impeaching him in April 2016.

Trump's anti-war, anti-free trade, pro-life, pro-Christian campaign threatened the GOP establishment and begat the rise of Never Trump Republicans. The possibility of such a president terrified the pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, anti-Christian Left.

Conventional inside-the-beltway conservatism was out. Conservatives would no longer play the Washington Generals to the Democrats' Harlem Globetrotters, as Michael Anton put it in the "The Flight 93 Election," the pro-Trump essay at American Greatness that so infuriated the housebroken Right.

Trump didn't care whom he offended, even after he won. He railed on Twitter against "Crooked Hillary," then after defeating her, bashed and sneered at "Sleepy Joe," "Crazy Nancy," and "Cryin' Chuck."

He opposed illegal immigration. His Christmas greetings were explicitly Christian. He fought for the unborn. He attacked endless imperial wars abroad, and China's frightening power over the American economy. He didn't start a new war.

For the Deep State elite, it was DefCon 1. The 24-7-365 campaign to vilify and destroy Trump reached apogee with the failed impeachment of 2019-2020. Trump had beaten the establishment again. The only hope was Biden.

The hate-Trump alliance wasn't finished, again, even after that suspect victory. The second kangaroo court tried and failed to ruin Trump, and now he and his America First ideas are poised to control the GOP for the foreseeable future.

Beyond that positive development, Trump did something few Republicans would. He told the truth about the political establishment. He exposed the Deep State and its auxiliaries _ the radical left, the Democrats, the mainstream media, the Never Trump Republicans _ for what they are: anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American. He stigmatized them in eyes of ordinary Americans.

So too, by the way, did the late and lamented Rush Limbaugh, even with all his faults, which included supporting the failed George W. Bush, who gave us a 17-year, $5 trillion, 7,000 KIA war. Limbaugh relentlessly attacked Democrats, most notably Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and ruined their images with ordinary Americans.

On occasion, he uttered the unthinkable. He broke some taboos. And after blindly supporting the establishment GOP through the years, he switched to Trump. When Limbaugh died, Twitter leftists erupted in elation. "Rot in hell" and "rest in pi**," they tweeted with sadistic glee.

The hysteria is familiar. Six decades ago, when Senator Joe McCarthy proved that communists had penetrated the government, and the Democrat-Republican establishment knew about and in some cases supported the subversion, he was politically assassinated. Trump has learned McCarthy's lesson. You don't expose the Deep State and get away with it.

The second impeachment was payback. A conviction would stigmatize him, forever. That failed, and instead Trump is leading a more conservative, America First movement and by and large controls the GOP. So the Left is now attacking conservatives in general.

Example: Any claim of election fraud is now a "lie" and "debunked conspiracy theory." Facebook and Twitter are censoring such claims.

Writing again at American Greatness, Anton explained that leftist pundit Andrew Sullivan obsessively insisted, during an interview, that Anton say that Biden won fair and square on November 3. So we must not only accept Biden's shady victory, we must also believe he won fair and square, and that tales of crooked votes are a crazy pro-Trump narrative.

Thus, what the Left calls "our democracy" really means "blues perpetually outvoting reds and ruling unopposed," Anton wrote. "The purpose of voting today is ... to give a democratic veneer to an undemocratic regime... 'Our Democracy', I lost count how many times Sullivan flung it at me, is a weaponized term meant to assert moral superiority and squelch dissent."

But moral superiority cannot be asserted if dissidents relentlessly tell the truth. Trump did, and freed patriots to do the same. That explains why the Left cannot allow him to return, and why its war against the rest of us will never end.


By Kristinn Taylor -

President Trump issued a statement Saturday afternoon responding to a New York Times article on Republican and conservative groups fundraising on the issue of election reform in the wake of the contested 2020 presidential election.

Trump defended the fundraising, standing by his claim the election was "Illegitimate" and criticizing the Supreme Court for refusing to hear cases challenging illegal election law changes in several swing states that Trump and many of his supporters believe stole the election from him. Trump's statement was released by his Save America PAC.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

    "The New York Times did a story today saying that various Republican groups, many of them outstanding, are rallying on false claims that conservative activists are finding that the best way to raise money and keep voters engaged is to make Donald J. Trump's biggest fabrication, Election Fraud, their top priority.

    Sadly, the Election was Rigged, and without even going into detail, of which there is much, totally game changing. Democrats could not get Republican Legislatures in Swing States to approve many of the voting changes which took place before the Election, which is mandated under the Constitution of the United States.

    For that reason alone, we had an Illegitimate Election. The Supreme Court and other Courts were afraid to rule, they were "gutless," and will go down in history as such. No wonder so much money is being raised on this issue, and law-abiding people have every right to do so!"


By Cassandra Fairbanks -

Joe Biggs is facing a slew of trumped up charges for being present at the Capitol siege - and he needs help.

Though the media and prosecutors appear to be trying to paint a picture of Biggs as some kind of ringleader during the Capitol siege, the truth is far less salacious.

Many of you know Biggs from his time at Infowars or reporting on the ground from various events. He is also a father, son, and friend to many on the right. He is the kind of guy that you can lose touch with for a year, but he would still drop everything to come help you if you needed it.

Yes, Biggs was among the crowd that entered the building - along with 800 other people. The veteran had entered through an open door and did not force his way inside. He was not violent, did not vandalize anything, did not steal anything, nor did he threaten anyone. He was not armed. There is no evidence of plans to enter the Capitol beforehand, just a reference to a 'Boots on the Ground' chat that people who were protesting in DC were using to stay in touch with each other.
    "Biggs informed the interviewing agent that the doors of the Capitol were wide open when he made entry into the building," the complaint said. "Biggs denied having any knowledge of any pre-planning of storming the Capitol, and had no idea who planned it."
Biggs, who has many friends in law enforcement, even affirmatively acknowledged his presence at the Capitol and later turned himself in to FBI agents in Florida - with whom he had worked with before concerning Antifa at the agency's request. He made an initial appearance and was released the same day. He has shared custody of his young daughter and was allowed to go home to her.

In January he was charged with obstructing, influencing, or impeding an official proceeding; knowingly entering a restricted building without lawful authority; and willfully and knowingly engaging in disorderly conduct to impede a session of Congress. He was subsequently placed on house arrest.

** A fundraiser has been launched to help Biggs and his family survive and defend himself. Those who wish to do so can donate here.

Another indictment, unsealed on Friday, charges Biggs and several others with six counts, including obstruction of an official proceeding, obstruction of law enforcement, destruction of government property and conspiracy.

Many legal observers have called the charges "flimsy," "speculative," or "just not there."

However, due to the charges and the media frothing at the mouth to demonize him, Biggs has lost his job. Sun Trust also decided that he could no longer bank with them. He has been banned from GoFundMe, Stripe, PayPal, Venmo, and nearly every other service you could think of for people who need to fundraise for a little help.

It seems, almost, that the media and their cancel campaign is designed to make life unlivable.

Biggs is a veteran of the U.S. Army who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded two Purple Hearts, and because of what he went through while serving, he has openly and candidly struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

With the media's fondness of guilt until proven innocent, and their need for boogeymen to get views, Biggs has been dragged through the mud in recent weeks. It is unlikely he will be able to find employment - at least until after this is settled.

Since this is likely the largest prosecution in American history, it could take 18 months, or even a matter of years, before this concludes. Without a job, and with the unforgiving media making him unhirable, it is unclear how Biggs is supposed to survive while he tries to prove his innocence.

See, Biggs is a member of the Proud Boys, a right-wing social club, that the media has decided makes perfect fodder for their stories. Though the Proud Boys are extremely diverse, that hasn't stopped them from claiming that they are some kind of cartoon villain racist mob - which Gateway readers should already know, simply isn't the case.

"Joe Biggs is in need of help to cover legal fees and other costs that have come due to his ongoing case. Mr. Biggs is a Father, Son and husband. He served his country honorably in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Please help this man beat these Trumped up Capitol charges so he can return to work and provide for his family," the fundraiser reads.

Since Biggs has been kicked off every major fundraising site, OurFreedomFundraiser stepped up to host it. The platform's founder and CEO Dave Lipsky didn't just complain when his wife Kacey was censored and kicked off Facebook - he created alternatives to that, TikTok, YouTube, GoFundMe, and more. It is already coming in handy.