By JD Heyes -

Any reasonable American knows that, without a doubt, former President Donald Trump should not be a former president.

We know with certainty that for a year, at least, ahead of the 2020 election, Democrats and their swarms of lawyers plotted how to steal Trump's reelection victory and install a weak-minded puppet, Joe Biden, who they could control and who would push through their country-wrecking Marxism.

We know they went into key battleground states and 'convinced' their political allies to unconstitutionally change voting rules and procedures in the weeks before the Nov. 3 election, using 'health fears' over COVID-19 as justification (even though it was safe enough for their residents to shop the big box retailers).

The strategy was as simple as it was diabolical: Get the battleground states to adopt universal mail-in balloting and then change validation requirements so that rafts of fake ballots could flood the system for Biden, then call anyone who questioned the procedures or claimed the voting was "rigged" a 'dangerous conspiracy theorist.'

Obviously, the steal worked (so far); Trump is in Mar-a-Lago and Biden is in the Oval Office, the main difference being that Trump knows where he's at.

Now, Democrats who also managed to 'eke out' enough victories to take control of the Senate and retain control of the House are moving quickly to 'legalize' the vote theft and, thus, make it impossible for Republicans and libertarians to ever unseat them.

Moreover, they are also working on legislation that essentially criminalizes any dissent voiced by GOP voters.

"The Democrats appear intent on instituting one-party rule in the United States," Phill Kline, editor of Real Clear Politics, wrote this week.

"They're trying to use the U.S. Capitol riots as an excuse to criminalize dissent and banish conservative voices from the public sphere, and at the same time they're hoping to use their temporary, razor-thin majority in Congress to rewrite the rules governing our elections in a way designed to keep the Democratic Party entrenched in power for decades to come," he added.

Legislation dubbed 'Patriot Act 2.0' would create a brand-new domestic terrorism agency (not that DHS and the FBI don't already have divisions that focus on all terrorism, foreign and domestic) that Democrats and leftists would use as a force of Brown Shirts to intimidate critics and Trump supporters into silence. Essentially, First Amendment activities like posting memes, protesting and voicing opposition to Democrat politics would be redefined as "threats" to domestic security and summarily punished.

Then, of course, there is the 'Democrat Protection Act,' so to speak.

"Although the Constitution explicitly places state legislatures in charge of managing federal elections, HR 1 seeks to use the power of the purse to bludgeon the states into conforming to a centralized system pioneered in California and other deep-blue states. Congress can't technically compel the states to change their voting laws, but seasoned politicians know that the states have become dependent on federal money to run their elections, and can't afford to pick up the tab themselves," Kline writes.

Thus, under the threat of being cut off from tax money their own citizens contribute to federal coffers, most states would accede to Uncle Sam.

Worse, HR 1 claims that Congress has the "ultimate supervisory power over Federal elections" - despite the Constitution's specific language to the contrary (Article I, Sect. 4). To that end, according to WorldNetDaily, the bill:

  • Bans the requirement to provide a full Social Security number for voter registration

  • Creates a nationwide "Motor Voter" registration, automatically registering people who obtain a driver's license, which is how thousands of illegals became registered voters in California and Nevada

  • Establishes nationwide same-day registration

  • Prohibits the type of work done by Judicial Watch to clean voter rolls of non-residents

  • Mandates early voting

  • Creates nationwide vote-by-mail and legalized ballot harvesting

  • Bans a personal identification requirement as a condition of obtaining a ballot

  • Prohibits requiring notarization or a witness signature to obtain or cast an absentee ballot

  • Permits a voter to designate any person to deliver an absentee ballot and puts no limit on how many ballots a person may deliver

  • Lays the groundwork for D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood

  • Puts redistricting in the hands of Congress
Now, though Article 1, Sect. 4 grants Congress some authority to set voting rules, there is no way states would have ratified the Constitution in the 1780s if the central government were given this kind of authority to run federal elections.

But this isn't about the Constitution, obviously, because the theft of the 2020 election was purely unconstitutional. This is about perpetuating Democratic control of government until the end of time.


By Jim Hoft -

Attorney Lin Wood is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump. When the Republican Party abandoned the US President on November 4th, Lin Wood and a handful of American patriots stood with the president and worked to expose the fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

On January 7th, after hundreds of angry protesters stormed the US Capitol the previous day, Twitter suspended Lin Wood's account for hate speech or encouraging violence or something.

Lin Wood wrote this to his supporters on Parler: "I have been suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. Please let my Twitter Followers know that I am fine. The bad actors may be after the President & his supporters. So be wise, have discernment, & be careful. Pray for our country."

Since then Parler was taken down by the tech giants who do not believe conservative God-fearing Americans should have a voice in the public square.

Lin Wood is not communicating to his supporters on Telegram. On Thursday Wood told his followers the State Bar of Georgia wants him to undergo a mental health exam.

Look for this to be the norm on the left in the coming months and years in the escalating attacks on conservative Americans.

The State Bar of Georgia told highly successful and outspoken Attorney Lin Wood to undergo a mental health examination this week if he wanted to keep his law license in the state. US News reported:

    An attorney licensing body on Friday said it has asked L. Lin Wood, a lawyer who played a key role in Donald Trump's attempts to overturn the stolen election, to undergo a mental health evaluation.

    Wood said on the app Telegram on Thursday that the State Bar of Georgia had told him he needed to submit to the evaluation to keep his law license.

    "My mind is sound. I have broken no rules. I asked what I had done wrong. I was only told it was about my social media comments. My speech," he wrote.

    State Bar of Georgia Chief Operating Officer Sarah Coole confirmed that Wood had been asked to undergo a mental health evaluation but declined to comment further.

    The development comes weeks after Wood, an Atlanta-based defamation litigator, was banned from Twitter.

    A Delaware state judge earlier this month blocked Wood from representing former Trump adviser Carter Page, calling claims Wood made on Twitter about U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts "too disgusting and outrageous to repeat."


By Jim Hoft -

Earlier on Friday Gateway Pundit contributor Patty McMurray posted a report on Virginia Court Ruling that prevents officials (Democrats) from accepting late ballots without postmarks.

The case was over a Virginia Board of Elections rule issued in August that allowed mail-in ballots without a postmark to be received up to three days after the November election.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), on behalf of Thomas Reed, a local electoral board member, announced a court-approved consent decree to permanently prevent the Virginia State Board of Elections from accepting absentee ballots received up to three days after Election Day without postmarks in violation of Virginia law.

The report was released on Monday. On Friday we posted the report on the court ruling on Twitter.

Twitter suspended The Gateway Pundit account for a week for posting a tweet on the court ruling. Twitter says it might promote violence.

Twitter is now suspending accounts that post court rulings in Virginia. How can this be legal?