America is at a juncture in history where there is a provable choice between good and evil in the 2020 election. In 2016 Trump was an unknown quantity. He had a history of supporting both sides and changing positions on issues like abortion.

However he has proven to be solidly on the right side of most issues, and his effectiveness at annihilating the leftist media and DC swamp creatures in countless press conferences and speeches, and driving them insane, has been one of the best aspects of his presidency.

As of this writing it appears his opponent in 2020 will be Joe Biden, a brazenly corrupt, senile pervert who, as disgusting as the thought of a Hillary Clinton presidency was in 2016, exceeds her in offensiveness and unsuitability for president in countless ways.

So here to make my point is a list of president Trump's accomplishments, followed by a list of reasons why Joe Biden is unfit, and must never be elected.

  • BUILDING THE WALL. Hundreds of miles of new wall so far. Trump has been pushing for STRONG BORDERS and NO CRIME. Democrats want OPEN BORDERS which equals MASSIVE CRIME, and destruction of American culture.

  • His tariff threats forced Mexico to crack down on illegal immigration. Mexico is for the first time in recent history enforcing its own immigration laws, Mexico sent thousands of National Guard forces to its southern border to stop caravans of Central American migrants.

  • Improved vetting and screening for refugees, and switched focus to overseas resettlement.

  • Withdrew the United States from the job and economy killing Paris Climate Accord.

  • Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban, upheld by Supreme Court.

  • Trump signed an executive order to defend free speech on social media and regulate social media companies for selectively censoring conservatives.

  • Concluded a historic U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA.

  • He has continued to appoint conservative judges at a record pace. He has flipped three circuit courts from liberal to conservative majorities, giving conservatives the majority in seven out of 13.

  • Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Cancelled the illegal, anti-coal, so-called Clean Power Plan.

  • Eliminated the Obamacare individual mandate penalty.

  • Opened ANWR and approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.

  • He has got NATO allies to cough up more money for our collective security. Allies have increased defense spending by $130 billion since 2016. And the White House reports almost twice as many allies are meeting their commitment to spend 2 percent of gross domestic product on defense today than before Trump arrived.

  • Record number of regulations eliminated.

  • Signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history.

  • Increased our coal exports by 60 percent; U.S. oil production recently reached all-time high.

  • He delivered the biggest blow to Planned Parenthood in three decades. Thanks to Trump's Protect Life Rule that prohibits Title X family planning funds from going to any clinic that performs on-site abortions - Planned Parenthood announced this year that it is leaving the Title X program barring a court victory. This is a major pro-life victory and another reason Christian conservatives continue to support him.

  • United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.

  • Withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Deal.

  • He stood with the people of Hong Kong. He warned China not to use violence to suppress pro-democracy protests and signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Hong Kong people marched with American flags and sang our national anthem in gratitude.

  • Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

  • His withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is delivering China and North Korea a strategic setback. The United States is now testing new, previously banned intermediate-range missiles. These weapons will allow us to compete with China‚Äôs massive investment in these capabilities, and also provide a fallback in the likely case negotiations with North Korea fail - obviating the need for temporary deployments of U.S. carrier battle groups and allowing us to put North Korea permanently in our crosshairs.

  • Reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports.

  • Imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum to protect our national security.

  • Imposed tariffs on China in response to China's forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their chronically abusive trade practices.

  • He ordered the operation that killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It was a high-risk mission that required U.S. forces to fly hundreds of miles into terrorist-controlled territory. If things had gone horribly wrong, Trump would have been blamed. That risk is why former vice president Joe Biden advised Obama not to carry out the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Trump did not hesitate the way Biden did.
There are many other significant Trump achievements that continue despite the endless deep-state attacks against him, including the Mueller-Russia hoax, the impeachment outrage, and the coronavirus hoax, which the leftist deep state plotted to use to destroy the economy and blame Trump. He has weathered them all, and has not backed down. An incredible achievement in and of itself.


With his blatant mental unfitness with obvious signs of severe dementia, his frequent, public and often videotaped sexually perverse and inappropriate behavior, his brazen corruption, and his embracing of far left policy, a Biden presidency would clearly be a disaster. Below is a list of reasons Joe Biden must never be president:


Biden's increasing verbal gaffes and bizarre behavior in public clearly show that he is suffering from dementia. Many recent videos demonstrate Biden's cognitive decline. People must seriously question whether he is cognitively healthy enough to serve as our next president, and clearly, he is not. We must never allow the most powerful position in the world to be held by someone impaired to this extent.

Below are some of the examples of Biden's cognitive decline:
  • Forgetting the Declaration of Independence, saying "We hold these truths to be self-evidence. All men and women created by know know the thing."

  • Confusing which office he is running for.

  • Confusing which state he is in.

  • Randomly sniffing his wife's finger while she was giving a speech.

  • Bragging about how kids would rub his hairy legs in the pool.

  • Confusing his wife and his sister.

  • "My longfriend timefriend and she's a friend, she's been my friend in and out of public life." "Why why why why why why!"

  • Rambling on while walking outside the view of the camera during a digital town hall.

  • "We Have To Take Care Of The Cure That Will Make The Problem Worse No Matter What."

  • "Why doesn't [Trump] act like a president....that's a stupid way of saying it...I really wish,'s probably best that I don't."

  • "I just can't figure the guy. I don't know, it's like watching a yo-yo...I shouldn't of said it that's like..." "...and when you don't have it, you gotta get help, and by the, it's not going to give my phone number...but anyway, those who've been through can contact my campaign."

  • "Um, you know, there's a, uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing, uh, that, uh, you know, was totally different than a- than the- it's called, he called it, the, you know, the World War II, he had the war- the the War Production Board."

Many women have come forward and said on the record that Biden touched them in inappropriate, and downright creepy ways. Ways that would certainly meet the definitions of physical assault and sexual harassment. Lucy Flores, Amy Lappos, D. J. Hill, Caitlyn Caruso, Ally Coll, Sofie Karasek, and Vail Kohnert-Yount all have made such claims. In addition, Creepy Rapist Joe is constantly shown in the media making women and little girls feel grossed out with his unwanted, unsolicited, and inappropriate comments, hair sniffing, nose rubs, hugs, groping, and kissing. WE HAVE VIDEO PROOF OF THIS.

Most rapists and pedophiles are smart enough to perform their evil acts in secret. Creepy Joe is so out of control that he commits these acts right out in the open for the world to see.

If Biden is doing all these inappropriate things while the cameras are rolling, what kind of more insidious things is he doing off camera to little girls and women? (We know he raped Tara Reade.). He is without a doubt a pervert and shows many warning signs of being a pedophile.


  • Biden would tear down the border barriers that Trump has constructed.

  • Biden would allow and encourage an unrestricted flood of illegals.

  • Biden would bring the United States back into the job and economy killing Paris Climate Accord, causing massive tax hikes and huge increases in gas and energy prices.

  • Biden would elimiminate the Travel Ban that protects America from terrorists .

  • Biden would undo Trump's U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA.

  • Biden would appoint far-left judges.

  • Biden would appoint far-left Supreme Court Justice's.

  • Biden would bring back the so-called Clean Power Plan, crushing the coal industry.

  • Biden would bring back the Obamacare individual mandate penalty.

  • Biden would shut down the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.

  • Biden would end Trump's forcing NATO allies to cough up more money for our collective security, making America the world's chump once again.

  • Biden would roll back Trump's tax cuts and reforms.

  • Biden would end Trump's Protect Life Rule, and promote unrestricted Planned Parenthood on-site abortions.

  • Biden would bring back the rules and regulations that for decades crippled American industry .
There are many other terrible polices and side effects of how unspeakably bad a Biden presidency would be. But these are just a short list to help you understand just how important the 2020 election is, and why Trump must be re-elected.